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Christian Counseling Associates

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  Christian Counseling Associates
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                                                                 Every single one of us goes through periods in our life where we know



                                                  we need change.

                                                                 And sometimes, despite our best efforts, we can't figure out how to get there.

                                                                 Whether you are experiencing overwhelming emotions, an ongoing pattern of 

                                                                                relationship problems, or you just keep running into

                                                                                obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goals,

                                                                                     counseling can help  



Our purpose is to provide clinically competent and truth-based counseling to restore and enhance the emotional, psychological, and spiritual health of individuals, marriages, and families.


About Christian Counseling Associates: 


Christian Counseling Associates (CCA) strives to provide professional, quality counseling within a Christian perspective. We seek to incorporate Biblical values into our own lives and into our work with clients. We do not require that our clients believe or practice the Christian faith, but it is important that our clients realize that our staff does so. 

As a group practice, our staff are trained and competent professional therapists. Within the group is a variety of experience, skills, and professional identifications. We support one another and stay familiar with important new information in the Mental Health field.

The Partners-In-Counseling Program
As a non-profit organization, the fees we charge largely go to the therapists to pay for their time and expertise, with a portion being used for day-to-day operating expenses.
We see Christian Counseling Associates not only as a therapy practice, but also as an avenue for ministry. We desire to help everyone who comes in our door. The only way this works is through monthly support from our community.
A fund called "Partners-In-Counseling" was created so that we might be able to help those who are unable to afford counseling. Donations sent by local churches, businesses, or individuals are used when individuals or families are in crisis, and also need financial assistance.
If you or your church would like to become a one-time or regular, monthly contributor to the Partners-In-Counseling Program, please contact our office at 622-6292.


   Our Services:

     Individual Counseling:
Grief~Mood Disorders~Stress~Trauma
Life Transitions~Divorce Recovery   
Adjustment and Coping Problems
       Psychological Problems relating to Illness      
Addictions~Eating Disorders
     Couples and Family Counseling:
     Premarital Counseling~Conflict Resolution
     Communication Skills~Intimacy Issues~Parenting
     Adoption~Domestic Violence
    Special Needs Support
    Teen Counseling:
    Physical, Emotional, Sexual Abuse
   Anger Issues~Eating Disorders~Body Issues
  School Problems~Behavioral Problems
Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counseling

     Mental Disorder Counseling:
      Bipolar~PTSD~Personality Disorders

Our Counselors:


Dr. Tony Salmerón, MA, IMH5209, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern;
                                    Executive Director, Christian Counseling Associates
Dr. Tony Salmerón is a Professional Mental Health Counselor. He has a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Liberty University.
He also holds a Doctor of Sacred Theology. 
His experience includes more than 30 years of pastoral counseling, having served as a Pastor for 33+ years.
He is currently finishing licensing requirements for Clinical Counseling for the State of Florida. 
Dr. Salmerón works with individuals and couples, counseling adolescents and adults. His areas of expertise include parent and family issues,
individual issues such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder; also marriage counseling, including marital conflict and couples communication.
He is a member of Prepare/Enrich Life Innovations and is committed to the building of stronger marriages. This includes Pre-Marital counseling.
He practices cognitive-behavioral therapy, but is also open to other approaches in order to help a client find the needed solution.
"Dr. Tony" takes client appointments Tuesday, Wednesday, and some Thursdays from 2pm to 6pm.
He also sees clients on two Saturdays a month.
 Lisa Quintana, MA, LMHC
 Lisa is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She practices Faith-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
 with a reality and strength-based therapeutic approach. She emphasizes prevention and intervention
 techniques for families, adolescents and individuals.
 Lisa can also provide Life Coaching to help empower and push one towards satisfying life decisions.
 She is a Certified Fitness Trainer and has expertise in treating eating disorders.
 Lisa’s professional experience includes individual and group treatment in a psychiatric hospital,
 private practice therapy, and as a Clinical Director in a psychiatric/substance abuse hospital.
 Lisa sees clients evenings and on Saturdays. Please call for schedule. 




 Sylphia Lindsay MA, LMHC

 Sylphia is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

She has a Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling.

 Her experience includes group and individual counseling for residential treatment facilities,
 child and adolescent therapy for foster children, substance abuse and HIV counseling,
 as well as Program Manager for a Women’s Trauma Unit.
 Sylphia works with children, adolescents and women.

 She has expertise with trauma-related issues, child behavioral issues and disorders,family therapy, mood disorders, and addiction/recovery therapy, including sex/love addiction.

She is certified in both Trauma and Addictions therapy.          

 She is available Saturdays and some evenings.
Our Fees:
We charge a fee for our professional services. That fee is designed to be reasonable in comparison with fees of other Mental Health professionals. These fees are passed on to the counselors as compensation for their time with a small portion kept by CCA for operating expenses.
We are not in network with any private insurance company, Medicare or Medicaid at this time.
Initial Assessment  $125.00
50-55 minute session  $95.00
75-80 minute session  $140.00

 Reduced rate sessions available for members of MBA churches.

If you would like further information about our counseling services, or wish to make an appointment, please call the CCA Business Office.  Counseling sessions are by appointment only and can be scheduled for either daytime or some evenings. Call Debbie, Office Manager, to schedule an appointment at 352-622-6292. If she is not available, leave a message on the machine. She will call you back in a timely manner.

In order to keep operating expenses down, the Business Office is only open during scheduled appointment hours. CCA is closed on Fridays, weekends, and major holidays.

You can send us an email

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