Employment Opportunities

Elder Leader

The following positions are posted by the MBA at the request of:

Oakcrest Baptist Church:

 Job Description: 

Oakcrest Baptist Church is an elder-led church seeking to fill the position of Lead Elder. The candidate should be well-versed in Scripture, expository preaching, and reformed in nature. Oakcrest Baptist exists to exalt the Savior, equip the saints, and extend the Gospel. Candidate’s ministry vision should coincide with the primary mission of the church. 


The Senior Pastor will be an Elder. He will perform the duties of Pastor / Elder as set forth in 1 Timothy 3: 1–7 and Titus 1: 6–9, and will be recognized by the church as particularly gifted and called to the full-time ministry of preaching and teaching. He will serve as the primary teaching pastor. He will oversee the preaching ministry and oversee the ordinances of baptism and communion. He will supervise the church staff as well as perform such other duties that usually pertain to that office or as set forth in the constitution. In the absence or incapacity of the Senior Pastor, the Elders will assume responsibility for his duties, any of which can be delegated. 


Candidates seeking to apply for position of Pastor / Lead Elder, should: 

- Demonstrate a desire for preaching and defending God’s Word fearlessly. 

- Well-versed in Scripture and expository preaching. 

Demonstrate marks of an authentic disciple:

o Life-Change 

  1. o Humility 
  2. o Teachable 
  3. o Prayerful 
  4. o Disciple Maker (Reproducible) 
  5. - “Seek the mind of Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all things.” (Exalting the Savior) 
  6. - “Preach to instruct, inspire, and enable the church for ministry.” (Equipping the Saints) 
  7. - “Lead the church in planning and implementing ministries that fulfill the Great Commission.” (Extending the Gospel) 
  8. - Life should reflect qualifications of Pastor / Elder found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9. 
  9. - Must agree with the doctrinal positions laid out in the Baptist Faith & Message 2000. 

Education / Experience: 

Seminary degree preferred, not required.